The Nigerian Coalition: SHEWE

In September 2014, 22 local SRHR and HIV organizations came together to form a coalition comprised of two national advocacy networks, based in Abuja and Lagos, focused specifically on the SRHR of women living with HIV. Collectively affirming the need within Nigeria to raise awareness of the rights violations experienced by women living with HIV, together they developed a common advocacy agenda, identifying and prioritizing the following advocacy issues:

  • Addressing stigma related to HIV/SRHR
  • Ensuring access to quality contraceptive methods, particularly for younger unmarried women living with HIV, and
  • Addressing SRHR information gaps among women living with HIV

 From now until World AIDS Day 2015, coalition members will be undertaking advocacy and community engagement activities in relation to these three issues, as part of collective efforts to ensure safe and accessible SRHR services for women living with HIV.

Members of the SHEWE Coalition:

Civil society for family planning (CiSFP)
Women’s Rights and Health Project(WRAHP)
Health Education and Skills Development Intitative (HESDI)
Women and Children of InspirationAdvocates for youth and health development
Traffina Foundation for Community Health
Trust Support AssociationWomen of Care Initiative
Women Ummah Support Organization
Citadel of Hope
APYINASWHAN – Enugu / Coal City Association (CCA)
Womankind NigeriaYoung woman association
Hope Initiative
Generation Initiative for Women & Youth Network (GWYN)
ASWHAN – Lagos/Trust and Care Initiative